A Hard Week, An EZ Kill

by starvingsun, 234 days ago

This one goes out to all our friends who couldn't be here. You know who you are. Love you guys. Forgive my UI.Krosus dededed

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Odyn Freed, Helya Dead, 3/3M

by Amisti, 248 days ago

After starting up Nighthold, we decided we had unfinished business left in ToV and so we decided to go back and kill the boss that many of us are tired of from Maw of Souls Simulator.  Overall, the boss took 91 wipes and we were able to kill it our 7th pull that we saw phase 3.  Congratulations to every guild that has killed this boss so far, especially those who killed it pre-nerf and pre-NH, as it was without question the hardest boss that we have faced thus far.

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2 Bosses 1 Night

by Amisti, 268 days ago


We managed to kill a time boss and then disable a malfunctioning construct all within a few hours.  Great work guys!

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